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(NY) M-11 Issuer Statement (complimentary)
280G Stockholder Disclosure Statement ($15.00)
280G Waiver ($15.00)
40's Securities Act Forms (pdf) (complimentary)
Affiliate Letter (Rule 145) ($15.00)
AMEX Listing Agreement (complimentary)
AMEX Listing Information and Forms (click equities in the left hand nav bar to display listing info) (complimentary)
Assignment of Warrant Agreement ($20.00)
Beneficial Interest Certificate ($15.00)
Bill of Sale; Sale for Stock ($15.00)
Blue Sky Compliance Chart ($15.00)
Blue Sky Filing Letter (complimentary)
Blue Sky Questionnaire ($15.00)
Broker Fee Agreement ($25.00)
Common Stock Listing Application (AMEX Sample) (complimentary)
Consent of Directors and Stockholders (Joint - QSSS) ($15.00)
Consent of Stockholders (S Revocation) ($15.00)
Convertible Promissory Note (Preferred Stock) ($25.00)
Cross Receipt (complimentary)
CUSIP Number (request online) (complimentary)
Director's and Officer's Questionnaire ($15.00)
English Only Policy ($15.00)
File Section 16 Forms Online (complimentary)
Form U-2 Uniform Consent to Service of Process (complimentary)
Form U-2A (complimentary)
Fully-Diluted Capitalization Chart ($15.00)
Incentive Stock Option Agreement ($30.00)
Insider Trading Policy ($15.00)
Investor's Questionnaire ($15.00)
Legends (searchable collection) ($35.00)
Limited Partnership Unit Transfer ($10.00)
Limited Power of Attorney for Section 13 and Section 16 Filings ($15.00)
Lock Up Agreement Letter ($15.00)
Lock-Up Agreement ($25.00)
Membership Interest Ledger (LLC Units) ($10.00)
Membership Interest Transfer Power ($12.00)
Memo to 5% Stockholders Regarding Schedule 13G Filing Obligation ($15.00)
NASAA Uniform Forms (complimentary)
Nasdaq Applications and Other Forms (complimentary)
New York Further State Notice (Blue Sky) (complimentary)
Non-Qualified Stock Option Agreement ($25.00)
Notice of Exercise of First Refusal Rights ($10.00)
Option Cancelation Agreement ($20.00)
Option Exercise Notice ($15.00)
Option Grant Notice ($10.00)
Option Ledger (complimentary)
Outside Restricted Stock Plan ($25.00)
Pennsylvania Form E (SEC filing) (complimentary)
Proxy ($15.00)
Purchaser's Questionnaire ($15.00)
Redemption Agreement ($25.00)
Restricted Stock Agreement ($30.00)
Revocable Proxy ($15.00)
Rule 144 Seller's Representation Letter ($15.00)
Rule 144(k) Representation Letter (legend removal) ($15.00)
Rule 145(d) Seller's Representation Letter ($15.00)
Schedule 13D/13G Checklist (complimentary)
SEC 1934 Act Forms including 10-K and 10-Q (pdf) (complimentary)
SEC Form 1-A (complimentary)
SEC Form 10-K (pdf) (complimentary)
SEC Form 10-Q (pdf) (complimentary)
SEC Form 144; Notice of Sale (complimentary)
SEC Form 20-F (complimentary)
SEC Form 3 (complimentary)
SEC Form 4 (complimentary)
SEC Form 40-F (complimentary)
SEC Form 5 (complimentary)
SEC Form 6-K (complimentary)
SEC Form 8-A (pdf) (complimentary)
SEC Form 8-K (pdf) (complimentary)
SEC Form D (complimentary)
SEC Form F-1 (complimentary)
SEC Form F-3 (complimentary)
SEC Form F-4 (complimentary)
SEC Form F-6 (complimentary)
SEC Form F-8 (complimentary)
SEC Form ID (complimentary)
SEC Form S-1 (complimentary)
SEC Form S-3 (complimentary)
SEC Form S-4 (complimentary)
SEC Form S-8 (complimentary)
SEC Forms (complimentary)
SEC Registration Forms (complimentary)
SEC Schedule 13D (complimentary)
SEC Schedule 13e-3 (complimentary)
SEC Schedule 13G (complimentary)
SEC Schedule 14A (complimentary)
SEC Schedule TO (complimentary)
Section 1377 Election ($15.00)
Section 83(b) Election ($15.00)
Stock Certificate - Common (format GOES 740) ($10.00)
Stock Certificate - Preferred (format GOES 740) ($10.00)
Stock Ledger ($10.00)
Stock Option and Grant Plan ($30.00)
Stock Purchase Agreement ($35.00)
Stock Receipt (complimentary)
Stock Restriction Agreement ($25.00)
Stock Subscription Agreement ($20.00)
Stock Subscription Agreement (Property) ($20.00)
Stock Transfer Agreement ($15.00)
Stock Transfer Power (complimentary)
Stockholder Release ($10.00)
Stockholders' Agreement ($30.00)
Stockholders' Agreement w/Promissory Note ($25.00)
Subscription Agreement (LLC) ($25.00)
Voting Agreement ($25.00)
Voting Trust Agreement (with certificate sample and notice of termination) ($30.00)
Warrant (Common Stock) ($20.00)
Warrant (LLC) ($20.00)
Warrant Agreement ($25.00)
Warrant Certificate ($10.00)

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