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(DE) Series LLC Certificate of Formation ($10.00)
(DE) Series LLC Operating Agreement ($65.00)
(TN) Series LLC Certificate of Authority (complimentary)
Assignment and Assumption Agreement ($25.00)
Assignment and Assumption of Contracts ($25.00)
Assignment and Assumption of Indemnification ($25.00)
Assignment and Assumption of Note ($20.00)
Assignment and Assumption of P&S ($20.00)
Assignment and Consent Agreement ($20.00)
Assignment of Contract Rights ($20.00)
Assignment of Insurance ($20.00)
Assignment of Intangibles ($15.00)
Assignment of Management Agreement ($20.00)
Assignment of Mortgage ($20.00)
Assignment of Option to Purchase or Lease ($20.00)
Bill of Sale and Conveyance ($20.00)
Collateral Assignment and Security Agreement ($30.00)
Environmental Indemnification Agreement ($20.00)
Estoppel Certificate ($15.00)
Hazardous Materials Indemnification Agreement ($20.00)
Incumbency Certificate ($10.00)
Irrevocable Power of Attorney (Real Estate) ($15.00)
IRS Form 8288 (complimentary)
Memorandum of Ground Lease ($15.00)
Notice of Lease ($10.00)
Notice of Purchase (1031) ($10.00)
Property Management Agreement ($25.00)
Purchase & Sale Agreement (Real Estate) ($30.00)
Quitclaim Deed ($25.00)
Request for Municipal Lien Certificate ($10.00)
Residential Lease ($15.00)
Satisfaction of Mortgage ($15.00)
Special Member Provisions ($10.00)
Special Purpose Entity Provisions ($10.00)
Special Warranty Deed ($15.00)
Stock Subscription Agreement (Property) ($20.00)
Subordination, Attornment and Non-Disturbance Agreement ($20.00)
Title Affidavit ($10.00)
Triple Net Lease ($15.00)
Zoning Opinion (sample) ($15.00)

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