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(DE) Certificate of Merger (252 - foreign into domestic) ($10.00)
(DE) Certificate of Merger (Section 251) (complimentary)
(DE) Certificate of Ownership and Merger (Section 253) (complimentary)
Affidavit of Execution of Note ($15.00)
Affidavit of Lost Documents ($15.00)
Affidavit of No Sales ($15.00)
Affidavit of Solvency ($10.00)
Affidavit of Use and Contestability ($15.00)
Agent Fee Letter ($15.00)
Asset Purchase Agreement ($35.00)
Asset Purchase Closing Index ($15.00)
Assignment and Assumption of Contracts ($25.00)
Assignment and Assumption of Indemnification ($25.00)
Assignment and Assumption of P&S ($20.00)
Assignment and Consent Agreement ($20.00)
Assignment of Accounts Receivable ($15.00)
Assignment of Assets ($20.00)
Assignment of Contract Rights ($20.00)
Assignment of Insurance ($20.00)
Assignment of Intangibles ($15.00)
Assignment of Management Agreement ($20.00)
Bill of Sale and Conveyance ($20.00)
Bulk Sales Agreement ($25.00)
Bulk Transfer Notice to Creditors ($15.00)
Certificate of General Partner (closing deliverable) ($15.00)
Certificate of Officer (Bringdown) ($15.00)
Certificate of Officer (Extension of Credit) ($15.00)
Certificate of Officer (Preferred Stock Financing) ($15.00)
Certificate of Officer (Stock Issuance) ($15.00)
Certificate of Partners (Bring Down) ($15.00)
Certificate of Seller of Non-Foreign Status ($20.00)
Certificate of Stockholders and Beneficiaries ($15.00)
Closing Agenda (Asset Purchase) ($30.00)
Closing Agenda (Merger) ($30.00)
Closing Agenda (Stock Purchase) ($30.00)
Co-Sale Agreement ($30.00)
Collateral Assignment and Security Agreement ($30.00)
Confidentiality Agreement (One Way) ($20.00)
Confidentiality Agreement (transactions) ($20.00)
Confidentiality Letter Agreement (short form) ($20.00)
Consent of Directors (Asset Purchase) ($20.00)
Consent of Directors (Domestic Merger) ($20.00)
Consent of Directors (Domestic/Foreign Merger) ($20.00)
Consent of Directors (Migratory Merger) ($15.00)
Consent of Directors (Stock Purchase) ($15.00)
Consent of Directors to Merge Subsidiary into Parent (short-form merger) ($15.00)
Consent of Stockholders (Domestic Merger) ($15.00)
Consent of Stockholders (Domestic/Foreign Merger) ($15.00)
CUSIP Number (request online) (complimentary)
Double Check Closing List (complimentary)
Due Diligence Master Checklist ($15.00)
Escrow Agreement (Stock Purchase) ($20.00)
F Reorganization Checklist (complimentary)
Founder Stock Purchase Agreement ($30.00)
General Partner Withdrawal and Transfer of Interests ($10.00)
HSR Affidavit (for non-Section 801.30 transactions) ($10.00)
HSR Certification ($15.00)
Incumbency Certificate ($10.00)
Investor Rights Agreement ($30.00)
IRS Form 8023 (complimentary)
IRS Form 8023 Instructions (complimentary)
IRS Form 8883 (complimentary)
IRS Form 8883 Instructions (complimentary)
Letter of Intent (Acquisition) ($20.00)
Letter of Intent (Asset Purchase) ($15.00)
Lock Up Agreement Letter ($15.00)
Lock-Up Agreement ($25.00)
Merger Agreement (Basic Foreign Corporations) ($25.00)
Merger Agreement (basic) ($25.00)
Merger Agreement (DE Parent/Sub) ($25.00)
Merger Agreement (merging corporation into LLC) ($25.00)
Merger Agreement (Parent/Sub Basic) ($25.00)
Merger Agreement (subsidiary LLC into parent LLC) ($25.00)
Merger Closing Index ($10.00)
New York Bulk Transfer (complimentary)
Option and Put Agreement ($30.00)
Parent Subsidiary Merger Checklist ($10.00)
Plan of Merger Agreement (Basic Domestic Corporations) ($20.00)
Premerger Notification Forms (complimentary)
Purchase & Sale Agreement (Equipment Lease) ($30.00)
Ratification of Pledge Agreement ($15.00)
Ratification of Security Agreement ($15.00)
Receipt (merger consideration) ($10.00)
Registration Rights Agreement ($30.00)
Restricted Stock Agreement ($30.00)
Rule 144 Seller's Representation Letter ($15.00)
Secretary's Certificate (General) ($15.00)
Secretary's Certificate (Omnibus) ($15.00)
Secretary's Certificate (Preferred Stock Financing) ($15.00)
Statement of Transferee Pursuant to Treas. Reg. § 1.351-3(b) ($15.00)
Statement of Transferor Pursuant to Treas. Reg. § 1.351-3(a) ($15.00)
Stock Purchase Agreement ($35.00)
Stock Purchase Closing Index ($15.00)
Stock Sale Checklist ($10.00)
Stock Transfer Agreement ($15.00)
Subordination, Attornment and Non-Disturbance Agreement ($20.00)
Terms of Series A Convertible Preferred Stock ($15.00)
Transfer of Interest (Limited Liability Company) ($10.00)
UCC Chart ($10.00)
War Room Request (complimentary)
Warrant (Common Stock) ($20.00)

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